Living a Legacy


Gina's Journey

It's now been 2 years since Gina Collins and her husband Michael reopened Sonny’s shop, proudly carrying on the legacy Levi “Sonny” Chavarie created in honor of his wife Priscilla.  Gina has slowly expanded the shop’s offerings to reflect her own lifestyle and beliefs - doing this, she knows, with Sonny's & Priscilla's full blessings.


Our Offerings

The shop still features the rocks, minerals and fossils sold previously, as well as jewelry, books, crystals and other spiritual and metaphysical-related items. We partner with a number of local crafters & artists to bring new and interesting items to the store, and also offer Reiki sessions and psychic mini-readings. 


Our Atmosphere


Continuing with a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere, Gina strives to ensure that all who enter her shop feel comfortable and accepted. She most wants her customers to see the shop as a safe haven, a place where they’re free to explore their uniqueness and understand what is in their own hearts. The powerful energy the shop now carries is a definite reflection of her willingness to lend a hand - or an ear - and share what she knows!

Come say 'hi' & see what treasures you can find!

226 Water Street, Augusta, Maine